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Unity Released EditorVR — Now you can develop games in VR mode !

Unity Released EditorVR — Now you can develop games in VR mode !

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·Dec 17, 2016·

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Unity launched an experimental build of Virtual Reality editor EditorVR for its Unity game engine. Which will allow VR developers to develop games for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in virtual reality mode.

With great tools, robust features and vr specific menus that make vr game development a whole easier. Hence by building a vr specific editor Unity aims to make its game engine an all-in-one engine. Where you can develop any game for any platform.

Lets discuss in-depth features of EditorVR.

Unity EditorVR Features

It uses Oculus Touch controls and HTC Vive Wands as pointing devices. EditorVR allows developers fast ways to edit scenes and viewing them in real time.

With amazing 3d menus you can look at your assets and drag and drop them into your scene. 3d Object inspector allows you to scale, rotate and edit properties of your object.

Another interesting tool you find in EditorVR is Chess Board. From which developers can view scenes in miniature form. It can help them to move large objects from one scene to another. Other than that you can also view console and profile in VR.

An open source API have also been announced from which developers can develop more features and contribute them to EditorVR and allow others to use them.

With EditorVR, Unity wants developers to explore and experiment VR development and help them to make EditorVR more powerful and robust tool.

Virtual Reality is still in research phase and it need more amazing Virtual Reality content to get into the mainstream and start impressing the masses.

And with tools like Unity EditorVR I think companies like Unity are doing great job in making VR development easy and more powerful for developers.

You can also watch complete EditorVR in this video

In addition Developers can also learn more about EditorVR from here.

Originally published at retinavr.co on December 17, 2016.

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