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Revolutionizing Real Estate in Pakistan with Virtual Reality

Revolutionizing Real Estate in Pakistan with Virtual Reality

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Hasan Ali
·Nov 23, 2016·

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Image Credit : The New York Times

Real Estate in one of the mature and leading market in Pakistan. With a market cap of USD 700+ Million, 850+ registered Developers and Builders and 500+ ongoing projects, Real Estate is showing great progress these days.

But still, for many years problems of buyers and sellers are still the same. Buying or selling property is a very hectic process. You have to waste a lot of time in visiting places and spend holidays in looking for your dream home.

What if you can visit places that are far away without stepping out of your home, anytime you want?

That’s where Virtual Reality comes to help you. With VR you can not only get an idea of the place by seeing it but you can also experience it impressively just like you do in real life.

I have experienced the same problem back in 2008 when I was looking for an apartment I’ve wasted my Sundays, spent a lot of time in visiting properties. Fortunately, after wasting 2 months and visiting 20–30 places, I found an apartment suitable for my needs.

When I saw Virtual Reality back in 2013 and how it can virtually teleport us to anywhere, I became fascinate by it. And I found out that virtual reality can solve a lot of problems in Real Estate market.

If virtual reality was there when I was looking for an apartment, I can visit those apartments virtually in a week which could save a lot of time for me.

Now for a year I am working on a virtual reality startup RetinaVR, with a mission to solve these problems of Real Estate market and make buying and selling easy for people. Currently we are developing Virtual Reality tours for Real Estate Developers, allowing people to visit any place anytime and from any where you want.

Visit our website : www.retinavr.co

Check out our demo: www.retinavr.co/demo

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