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Is Pakistani Real Estate Market Ready for Virtual Reality?

Is Pakistani Real Estate Market Ready for Virtual Reality?

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·Dec 5, 2016·

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Real Estate is one of the most important and growing sector of Pakistan, with a market cap of 700 billion USD. Real Estate contributes around 2 % of Pakistan’s total GDP.

According to Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) there are around 850+ registered Builders and Developers in Pakistan working in big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Karachi is a business hub of Pakistan and considered as the heaven for Real Estate sector. Bahria Town investing a great amount in Karachi through its Bahria Town and Enclave Tower project.

Tech in Real Estate

After the emergence of real estate classified websites like Zameen and Lamudi, searching for property online has increased. People now prefer internet for searching properties rather than going to real estate agent or visiting personally. Because it saves a lot of time and effort.

According to research by Lamudi around 80% of real estate agents believe that internet has transformed house-hunting. These websites use pictures, videos, maps and text to give people overview about the properties. But with only pictures and videos you can’t get a satisfactory experience of the propertry.

Here comes virtual reality to solve this problem.

VR to the rescue !

Virtual Reality can teleport yourself to any location you want. With virtual reality theses website can bring an amazing innovative feature to users form which they can experience that place impressively.

In United States different companies like has already started working on implementing Virtual Reality in real estate market.

Our company RetinaVR’s mission is to make property-hunting a convenient and less hectic process by introducing virtual reality applications that offer the most immersive way to visualize properties and places without stepping outside.

We believe that Pakistan’s Real Estate market is ready for virtual reality, if online real estate classified websites start focusing on bringing innovation into their products and use virtual reality to solve peoples’ problems.

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