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How to capture 360 photos with Smartphone?

How to capture 360 photos with Smartphone?

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·Jan 9, 2017·

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2016 was not only the year of VR but also 360 photos and panoramas also had a comeback with new opportunities. 360 photos and panoramas not only introduces new possibilities of exploration and experiences but also fulfill the need of immersive Virtual Reality content for early adopters.

While large tech companies like Facebook, Google and Samsung invested in VR headsets and development software they also introduced their own 360 cameras like Samsung’s Gear360 and Facebook’s Surround 360 camera.

If a picture worth a thousand words then It can’t be wrong that a 360 picture worth a million words.

What a normal picture can’t show you 360 picture can show you. From top to bottom and left to right form every angle, 360 picture can expose your vision with immersive views.

360 Cameras

There are lot 360 cameras available in market which you can buy and start capturing your own 360 photos.

Ricoh Theta S is a low-cost and quality 360 camera in the market.

But what if you don’t have a 360 camera? Then don’t worry today we’re listing some apps from which you can capture 360 photos with your smart phones.

Google Official Cardboard Camera Apps

Google had officially launched its 360 capture app on Android 4.2 with Nexus 4. But it didn’t stay there long. After that Samsung launched its own 360 camera app along with HTC and LG.

Here are the links from where you can get Google Cardboard Camera app.

Download Google Cardboard Camera App for Android

Download Google Cardboard Camera App for iOS

Or you can also use Google’s Street View app for capturing 360 photos.

More Android 360 Camera Apps!

Many different app development companies also launched apps for capturing 360 photos, here are some below.

Sphere — 360 Camera

Photo 360 by Sfera

Photoaf Panorama Pro

Panorama 360 camera

If the above apps does not work on your phones, then try this cracked version of Google Camera app which can solve your problem. http://goo.gl/XlYoCP

Note: This application is from unknown source. Download at your own risk.

Facebook now support 360 photos and panoramas, I am sure you’ve seen them before. So start capturing your own 360 pictures and panoramas and share them with your friends.

Tell us if you know more 360 photo capturing app we will definitely add them in our list.

Originally published at retinavr.co on January 9, 2017.

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