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Google vs Apple — The War of AR and VR

Google vs Apple — The War of AR and VR

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·Jun 7, 2017·

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Two big tech giants with a history of bringing revolutionary products, making new industry standards and creating new industries. But now its time for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

It took AR and VR a long time to come to the mainstream but due to technological advancement, AR and VR rose again and taken the tech industry expeditiously.

With the increase of AR/VR development and innovation more and more tech companies are taking interest in these technologies. Google and Apple are one of them.

Lets start with Apple.


Tim Cook, CEO Apple seems very excited about AR and time to time he praised AR and its applications.

I regard it(Augmented Reality) as a big idea, like the smartphone — Tim Cook

Recently at Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2017, Apple announced its AR and VR plans.

It revealed its new iMac with VR support, announced support for Unity and Unreal Engine and also for Steam VR.

Apple also launched its augmented reality platform ARkit.

After seeing Apple’s patented VR/AR glasses designs industry experts are all waiting for what Apple is hiding inside its offices.

Robert Scoble AR/VR Herald also rumored that Apple is working on light weight AR/VR glasses.

So VR support for iMacs and AR platform are just stepping stone, there are more great things to come from Apple.

Apple VR/AR Plans Announced at WWDC 2017


Google is already dominating AR and VR industry. With two virtual reality headsets, 360 VR Camera, VR development tools and many great VR apps on Play Store.

Here are some Google’s remarkable contributions to Virtual Reality industry.

Google Cardboard

DIY cardboard smartphone virtual reality headset

DayDream VR

An easy to wear virtual reality headset with a controller.

Earth VR

Enjoy roaming around the world in VR


Take students to virtual reality field trips

Tilt Brush

Paint in 3d space. App for Oculus and HTC Vive


Google’s professional VR video solution

Everything you need to develop VR apps

Although Apple seems to be behind form its competitors like Facebook and Google who have already launched amazing AR/VR apps and hardware.

But when it comes to developing innovative and revolutionary technology, Apple is still a leader.

And after WWDC 2017 Apple have shown that it is serious about VR and AR.

There is still a long way to go, AR and VR industry is still young. But its good that tech giants are bringing innovations to grow these industry.

Originally published at retinavr.co on June 7, 2017.

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