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Facebook launches AR Platform at F8 Developer Conference

Facebook launches AR Platform at F8 Developer Conference

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·Apr 19, 2017·

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Facebook launched Camera Effects Platform with lots of Augmented Reality features like face filters and many more.

Today at F8 Developer Conference, Facebook announced its own Augmented Reality Platform. Platforms which will allow developers from all around the world to create AR experiences for Facebook Camera app.

After building the world’s largest social community platform Facebook, now Mark Zuckerberg is focusing towards making more platforms of technologies like AR, VR and AI.

Augmented Reality will mix our digital and physical life and make our physical life easier. — Mark Zuckerberg

At F8, Mark Zuckerberg talked about 3 use cases of augmented reality on which Facebook is building their AR platform.

1. Information

Its one of them most used and popular use case of AR, displaying digital information like direction, notes, messages and notifications.

Blippar is the most successful example of this.

2. Digital Objects

AR games come under this category where 3d objects are augmented on the real physical world and you can interact with them like Pokemon Go.

3. Enhancements

Face filters and stylers fall under this category. Snapchat happened to be dominant in AR facial enhancements and masks but now its looks like Facebook is going to take over its market.

Hera are some cool things Facebook unveiled at F8 Developer Conference

Create your own Face Masks and Filters!

Facebook AR platform will allow developers to build their own custom face masks and filters and allow users to use them and have fun with their images and videos.

3D Text using Precise Location

Now text will become a 3d model on your images or videos

Converting still photos to 3D

Object Recognition

AR Notes

Create art on walls

Zuckerberg said that Camera Effects Platform will be available in beta for developers today and more exciting features are coming in future.

Stay tuned for more Facebook F8 Developers conference updates. We will keep posting about VR/AR launches.

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Originally published at retinavr.co on April 19, 2017.

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