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Everything you need to know about the new Samsung Gear VR

Everything you need to know about the new Samsung Gear VR

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·Apr 20, 2017·

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Samsung is not only content to be the market leader when it comes to smart phone manufacturing but it also making progress in the VR world.

Samsung Gear VR has been an extraordinary platform for virtual reality over the past few years but the latest Gear VR comes with a new controller.

The controller is very user friendly and that let you browse through libraries, play first person shooter and navigate through things easily.

This new headset announced alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will be compatible with previous Samsung phones including the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 range, so this headset will be replacing the older Gear VR model.

Old vs New

As compare to the old Gear VR, the new one is lighter in weight. However, it still looks huge but its smaller than Google Daydream View.

Samsungs’ VR headsets are designed very well. There is and was no issue of light coming inside the headset, it is full light proof.

The cushion around the eyes and nose are more comfortable.

USB port at the bottom of charge phone is now replaced with USB-C port.

Samsung added more air vents in the new Gear VR which allow breathing while gaming more comfortable and also don’t allow air to come inside and make lense foggy. Which was a big issue in old one


Taping headset every time to control the game was not a feasible option in VR gaming so controller was the most awaited accessory for the Gear VR.

The design of the controller looks like a mixture of Google Daydream View controller and HTC Vive controller. It’s very handy and brings amazing gaming experience.

The controller itself contain some extra sensors like Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetic Sensor.

The controller is supported by all Gear VR headset old and new both.

Samsung’s new Gear VR comes with a price of 129$ which would be available on 21st April with a new controller but if you already have a Gear VR then you don’t have to upgrade, you can just buy the controller standalone with a price of 39$.

Originally published at retinavr.co on April 20, 2017.

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