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A Glance at the Future of Augmented Reality

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·Jul 3, 2016·

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Augmented Reality is with us for many decades, in 1901 L. Frank Baum writer of Wizard Of Oz first time mention the idea of an electronic display/spectacles that overlays data onto real life.

I like the way Jason Silva describe augmented reality in his video, he said that augmented reality is allowing us to manipulate and transform our World by overlaying digital information on the top of it.

The Augmented Reality Revolution — Shots of Awe

In the era of Digital Revolution, where a huge amount of information is dispersed around us and our brains want to process more and our eyes want to see more. Augmented Reality is giving us the power to customize our surroundings, blend our environment with digital information and to see what human eye can’t. It is enhancing the power of human vision and escalating the abilities of naked eye increasing it to the next level providing us a more gamified and more enchanted experience to interact, to connect and to live.

Augmented Reality Real World Examples


I really love the IKEA AR app in which you can place virtual Furniture and see how it will look in your house.

2. Blippar

Blippar is the world’s leading visual browser, harnessing augmented reality and image-recognition technology to bring the physical world to life.

3. VisionAR

VisionAR allows you to create augmented reality apps for clients.

4. ARMES Augmented Architecture

ARMES Augmented Architectural can be used to present properties and attract prospective clients.

5. LEGO AR Box

5. AR Dressing Mirror

Future of AR

I am seeing Mixed Reality as the future of AR, which is a mixture of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality also know as hybrid reality. Magic Leap is one of the most exciting and thrilling startup working on Mixed Reality Lightfield which will project 3D graphics and merge them with the physical world by using some sort of transparent lenses.

On the other hand, Microsoft is surprising people with Hololens, by merging the concept of Holograms and Mixed Reality. With Hololens Microsoft is trying to revolutionize our everyday computing by shifting it to augmented holograms.

Recently I watched a concept video in which Augmented Reality is shown in a completely new dimension and it is termed as HyperReality. Take a look at this

Over To You

Augmented Reality is definitely a game-changer, companies like Magic Leap and Microsoft are showing us different paths where AR can go but still we need diverse minds to come forward and start experimenting and start exploring the new possibilities to reach the full potential of this technology.

I got very passionate about Augmented Reality when I first saw Microsoft Hololens and how it can change our everyday life since then I am working on these technologies. I’ve started a startup RetinaVR , where we create 360 Virtual Reality tours to provide an immersive way to experience and tour places. Now I am planning to start working on Augmented Reality, I really love the way Blippar and VisionAR using Augmented Reality I am thinking to start something like that.

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