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A-Frame — Open Source Framework for WebVR

A-Frame — Open Source Framework for WebVR

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·Oct 8, 2018·

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I started a virtual reality startup in 2016, with a goal to bring virtual reality in Pakistan. I and my partner Wajahat Karim started it with a basic idea to manufacture low-cost and easy to use virtual reality headsets, then we pivoted and started working on virtual reality applications for real estate.

My goal was to bring the virtual reality revolution in Pakistan and educate the developers. But after working on the startup for two and a half year I closed my company because I lost hope and broked. I started exploring different technologies and I got pretty much into Blockchain.

But now after a year or so, I am seeing a revolution is coming in Pakistan. New developer communities are building and events related to latest technologies are happening all around here. So I though why not revamp my old Virtual Reality Comunity back.

Therefore I am continuing my abandoned journey and starting to spread my VR development experiences and learnings so developers can take benefit from it and my goal is to make a VR Developers community in Pakistan who can develop stunning VR experiences and applications and represent Pakistan in the VR/AR space.

Let me just tell you from where I will be starting our VR Development journey.

A-Frame is an amazing, super-easy, open source framework to build virtual reality web experiences. I used this framework to develop many VR apps and I find it great for web developers to create virtual reality experiences.

It was initially developed by Mozilla. It uses web technologies like Javascript and HTML to allow web developers to create stunning VR content for the web. At the core, A-Frame uses Threejs, javascript’s graphics library and supports almost all VR devices and hand controllers.

Not just limited to VR, A-Frame is also extending its reach towards Augmented Reality and its on the way to become a full-fledged framework for both VR and AR apps.

A-Frame is very simple to use if you know basic web development skills. But the community has also developed wrappers in React, Vue.js, d3.js, and Ember.js

I am starting a weekly A-Frame series, where I will share step by step A-Frame tutorials. I’ll develop several VR projects with it and all projects will be open-source, the code will be available on my GitHub.

Originally published at hasanali.me on October 8, 2018.

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